Google Expeditions – Field Trips from the Comfort of your Classroom

Google Expeditions allows you to take your class on a Virtual Fieldtrip. Tour the Aztec and Mayan Ruins, the International Space Station, or Gettysburg National Military park. You can do all of this with your classroom iPads. When using Expeditions, you become the leader on your iPad and students join you on the tour with their iPads. Edtech teacher has created and quick video to show you how this works. Start by downloading the app on your iPad.  After that, you will be ready to take your students on a virtual Field Trip!

Deleting pre-installed Apps

Did you know that you can delete some of the pre-loaded Apple apps on the iPhone or iPad?  If there are some on your device that you never use and would like to get rid of follow these steps:

How to delete a pre-installed Apple app:

• Open a folder or locate an Apple app you want to delete
• Push down lightly on the app icon until it starts to dance.
• Tap the small x icon that appears on the top left.
• Tap Remove.

Quick Tips For Removing Distractions

iPad or iPhone  – Use the do not disturb feature. This will silence notifications on your device so you can work distraction free.  

Laptop – Close all apps. Turn off all notifications. Only use one app at time.

Extra Challenge – To give yourself larger blocks of time to focus. Check email only 2 or 3 times a day.

What works for you?  Let us know in the comments.

EdTechTeacher Resources

For week 3 of our Learn | Try | Amplify initiative, we are sharing a short video (2 minutes.  See above) about, which can inspire you with many innovative ideas and resources for teaching and learning with technology.  We invite you to share about your discoveries and ideas for amplifying your teaching from EdTechTeacher in the comment section of this post.  

Tech Tool Note: I created the EdTechTeacher video using Adobe Spark, which allows you to easily narrate and share well designed stories in minutes.

iPad as Teacher’s Assistant

The iPad Can Help Manage Your Classroomlearntryamplify

Ever wish you had an assistant in your classroom? In a way, your iPad can act as your assistant and, in a sense, amplify your lessons and activities. Full Disclosure…. I’m completely stealing this idea, verbatim, from Tony Vincent’s blog. Tony’s infographic is filled with great ideas for using your iPad as your assistant. Each section of the infographic is organized into common tasks like manage your classroom, assess student work, or interact with your students. Below, I have shared just the section titled “Manage the Classroom” to narrow things down and provide focus for this week. I encourage you to give one of these apps a try this week and report how it went in the comments. That way, we can all learn from each other.


Explain Everything 3.0

Explain Everything Alternative LogoExplain Everything will be launching a new version very soon and it comes with 4 new features that I think will be useful here at Pike. See the new version in action with Explain Everything creator Reshan Richards.

1.  Updated User Interface – this is minor for the classroom but they have created an cleaner look.

2.  Improved Export Workflow – one export button. This should make it a bit easier to export your creations.

3. Equation Editor – They’ve added an equation editor for including formulas and graphing. Pretty Cool!

4.  Simple User Interface Option – This is going to be great for the younger grades at Pike.  Takes away many of the buttons and leaves only the most important ones.


Student iPad Survey

IMG_2485We are always looking for ways to improve the iPad initiative.  Feedback from students is especially important and so all Upper School students will be taking a survey to give us feedback. Students, click the link below to take the survey. You will need to log in with your Pike Google account.

Pike Student iPad Survey

Socrative Training

logo_new copy
At Pike some teachers are using Socrative with their students during class. Socrative is a classroom tool for measuring and visualizing student understanding in real time.  It can provide immediate feedback from every student in your class. It is very easy to administer quizzes and no student accounts are necessary.

Below is a link to an Atomic Learning Tutorial that will show all the major functionality of Socrative in 15 minutes, by Greg Kulowiec from EdTechTeacher:
Getting Started wtih Socrative Training – Atomic Learning

If you would like access to shorter videos for specific topics or questions there are many useful videos here.

The complete Socrative User Manual can be found here.

As always, if you would like to meet with someone individually to help get you started please let someone in the Tech Department know.

Advanced Socrative Users
Below are some ideas if you are looking to expand your use of Socrative in the classroom.

Using Socrative for Peer Collaboration

Students as Questioners – Blooms Taxonomy presents many ideas to help build your students’ questioning skills and cognitive abilities.

Utilizing Socrative as a back channel during class

Good Google News!

The latest version of Google Docs on the iPad now includes real-time spell check. Google has finally added this feature, which is a long awaited and welcome addition for our students and faculty.

To update Google Docs on the iPad:

  • Open the App Store
  • Click on the Updates Button in the menu on the bottom of the App Store
  • Click the Blue Update button to the right of the Google Docs App.

Spread the word and hopefully we will all experience less spelling errors in our iPad lives.