Speech Makerspace Project

This week we are sharing a video of a Makerspace project that was completed in 7th grade Speech class this winter. Watch the 4 minute video above or click here to see how students used Spark for a collaborative demonstration speech project.  If you are inspired by these projects and would like to find ways to make this spring or plan for next year please be in touch.

Thanks to Lis and the 7th grade students for helping with the video!

Large-Scale Building | Makerspace May

Welcome to the final week of Makerspace May!  Watch the above video or click here to watch Lower School Pike students using our new large-scale building kit called Rigamajig (3 minutes).  You can learn more about Rigamajig by watching this video (2.5 minutes) made by the creators of the kit as well if you are interested.  Please consider coming to Spark this week to check out activities related to all the videos this month, including the opportunity to make a large creation with the Rigamajig.

Thanks for watching our videos this month!  If you have any questions, or need help planning for ideas for next year please let us know.
-The Tech Department
#makerspacemay @PikeSchool

3D Printing|Makerspace May

Welcome to week 3 of Makerspace May!  The theme of this week is 3D Printing.  Watch the above video (5 minutes) or click here to see many students and some teachers speak about the first year of using 3D printing technology at Pike.  You can also come to Spark and try TinkerCad to get a quick sense of what it is like to design something for 3D printing.  The bridge building and circuit challenges will also be available for you to try.  Come on your own, bring a partner or work with your team and learn about the possibilities of our makerspace.

To access many 3D printing teaching resources visit Project Ignite.

Many thanks to all the faculty and students who contributed to the video!

-The Tech Department
#makerspacemay @PikeSchool

Makerspace May Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of Makerspace May!  The theme of this week is circuits.  We have 2 short informative videos about using circuits this week.  Watch Linda Spence talk about her English Circuit project above or click here (less than 4 minutes) and you can learn more about paper circuitry and 21st century notebooking here (less than 2 minutes).  Lastly, please come to Spark and complete a short and easy circuit challenge (15 minutes).  The bridge building challenge from last week will also be available.  Come on your own, bring a partner or work with your team and learn about the possibilities of our makerspace.

See below for more circuitry teaching resources:
21st Century Notebooking
How To Wire Multiple LED’s in a Parallel Circuit
Circuit Teacher Resources

Makerspace May Week 1

Welcome to week 1 of Makerspace May!  The theme of this week is building.  Watch the video above, or click here (about 5 minutes) and if you have a chance visit Spark to complete a bridge building challenge (15 minutes) at any point this week.  Can you build a bridge with limited materials?  Come on your own, bring a partner or work with your team and find out.

Many thanks to all the faculty and students who contributed to the video!

Enjoy and don’t forget to take a selfie with your bridge!

-The Tech Department

#makerspacemay @PikeSchool

Makerspace May

makerspace5We are excited to announce that the Tech Department has declared next month Makerspace May. Each week we will share a short video with some information about the benefits of using our Makerspace.  In conjunction with the video, faculty and staff will have the opportunity to come to Spark and experience an activity related to the video at any point during the week.  We are hoping that everyone at Pike will have a fun time making this May, and that it might spark some cool ideas for next year!  Be on the lookout for our first video on Monday May 2.


All Lower School students have had a chance to collaborate this year to program a KIBO robot in Spark, our Makerspace.   During their visit, students were introduced to the definition of a robot and the concept of programming.  These robot themed books were helpful to introduce the unit in the classroom:
In addition, students were exposed to the engineering design process since their challenge was to:

  • ASK
  • PLAN
  • TEST

KIBO is a robot kit specifically designed for young children aged 4-7 years old.  In pairs, students created a sequence of instructions (a program) using the wooden KIBO blocks.

They scan the blocks with the KIBO body to tell the robot what to do. Next, they pressed the button and the robot came alive (See video below).

If you would like to learn more, check out this interesting article about how to teach KIBO to young children in early education that appeared in The Economist.


During Visiting day this morning the community had the opportunity to engage in many  hands-on learning and making activities in Spark, Pike’s new innovation space, and throughout the library.  Parents and family, Alumni and many more had the opportunity to:

  • Program a Kibo robot
  • Explore student circuitry projects and build a circuit 
  • Make a Pike button
  • Try a version of the Marshmallow Challenge
  • Create a word cloud that represented their family 
  • Use the Force to create Star Wars-themed origami or paper crafts 
  • Participate in the world-wide Hour of Code

IMG_7571 IMG_7574 IMG_7575 IMG_7584 IMG_7597 IMG_7600

IMG_7587IMG_7614 IMG_7616
The Tech/Library Team (The hosts of SPARKFEST)