Makerspace May

Each week this May the Tech Department has shared a short video with Faculty about the benefits of using our Makerspace, and everyone had the opportunity to visit Spark and experience an activity related to the video of the week.  Each video had a different focus, which you can find below:

Week 1: Building
Faculty and Students talk about the benefits of Makerspace building projects

Week 2: Circuits
Linda Spence talks about an Upper School English circuit project

Week 3: 3D Printing
Students and teachers talk about 3D printing projects this year

Week 4: Large Scale building with Rigamajig

Watch lower school student collaborate with large scale building materials

All of the Makerspace May activities will be set up this week as well and we invite parents to come to Spark in the back of the Library and participate in an activity related to circuits, building or 3D printing this Tuesday (5/17) and Thursday (5/19) from 8:00 – 9:00am.  We hope that everyone at Pike enjoyed their exposure to making this May, and that this effort might spark some exciting ideas next year!

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