Parenting and Technology

by Jennifer Zacharis

The thoughtful integration of technology by teachers in all of our classrooms at Pike has enhanced our student’s ability to learn, connect, create and collaborate with technological ease.  This comes naturally to a generation who has always been surrounded by quickly evolving innovations.  Technology is so deeply woven into our students’ lives that they aren’t even aware of what life could be like without it.   The reality exists that as technology changes we constantly need to adjust as parents and educators.
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The many benefits of a more connected classroom are paired with the fact that we must equip students with the confidence to navigate issues such as cyberbullying, privacy, safety and other potential digital conflicts.  In order to promote a positive digital culture, Pike has continued to integrate parts of 
Common Sense Media’s Digital Citizenship Curriculum across the grades.  This program empowers students to think critically, behave safely and act responsibly online.  In addition, our students participate in many projects throughout the year that model good citizenship beyond this curriculum.  These projects create real learning opportunities in a safe environment where students can eventually become responsible independent learners.

Since most online use by students tends to happen at home the need also exists for parents and children to stay in conversation and keep working together for safe and responsible behavior online.  An ongoing dialog is necessary as your child grows and their digital life evolves.  To help families navigate issues related to parenting and technology we have listed many realities, issues and solutions on the parent section of our Tech Department website, All Things Tech.  Common Sense Media is an excellent resource for Parents with information about the powerful tools their kids are using and how to help their kids make good choices online.  Their Connecting Families Program has many resources for families to address important topics and prompts for meaningful conversations about making good decisions.  The Pike Library has hard copies of the excellent government publication Netcetera: Chatting with Kids About Being Online which is also available as a dowloadable PDF.  Parents may also attend an upcoming session with Upper School Head, Colleen Welsh and Director of Technology Aaron Hovel on November 3 from 8:30 – 9:00 am about making sense of the digital world as a parent.  

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