Ready for Tomorrow!

By First Grade teacher Telly Jorden

When I was a First Grader, back when whale oil was the hot new fuel source, we learned “the three R’s:” reading, writing, and ‘rithmatic. A lot has changed since then!

At The Pike School, our students are already preparing for the digital age. In our classrooms, First Graders blog comfortably to share their learning with family and friends. Student blogs contain weekly news reports, information about classroom learning (many whale oil-era skills are still important!), projects, class books and sometimes samples of work they choose to share. It is not unusual for teachers to hear students ask, “Can I post this on my blog?”

I am always moved and inspired by that desire, and regard it as one of the exciting examples of how teaching and learning have advanced. Personal expression and the ability to communicate about what is interesting and motivational to a student was not part of my early school experience. Blogging does not come naturally to me, but as I watch my students post about what matters to them, I know this is an important tool for teachers and an invaluable opportunity for kids to be heard and supported on their educational journey.

The pride and enthusiasm these students feel come shining through their blog posts. All posts are approved by teachers so that we get the added bonus of teaching some basics on internet safety.

Of course, we know that the most important teachers in a student’s life are the family members who love them most – and blogging from school increases the partnership between Pike and families. Parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and family friends from near and far can see what is happening in our classroom; they can share their thoughts and ask questions. Reading and writing for a purpose; what could be better?

I pulled a few examples of recent blog posts to demonstrate how amazing our students are. Take a look!

Science Project: Form and Function



Nature Trail

Mr. Waters Interview

Sample of Weekly News Report


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  1. Well done! I like the old joke. Given my age, I need some new material so will steal your whal oil joke. Thanks for doing this blog and opening the window into first grade so effectively.

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