Closing Out the 2017-2018 School Year

by Head of School Muddy Waters

It is hard to believe that another school year is coming to an end. At this time of year, people often ask if the school year is winding down and my response always is that it is winding up. There are so many ways in which we wrap up a school year that it seems that the pace of life accelerates. I want to reflect on two aspects of the closing of a school year.

September 2017 seems like a very long time ago. I would ask us all to reflect on the many changes that have taken place over these months. The first graders are in the midst of our “Read to Mr. Waters” program and one of those students said he was “nervecited” to read to me. I thought he created the perfect word to describe his emotions. I can say that every child leaves the room brimming with pride because I think they are very aware that over the course of this year they have gone from beginning readers still struggling to figure out the words to confident readers who not only understand the words but can read them with the appropriate emotion and inflection.  The amazing Pike Art Show was a visual reminder of how much our students have learned this year. The ability of students from Pre-K to grade 9 to express themselves creatively is truly inspirational. Every year, it gives us joy to see the range of their talents and the growth that takes place during their years at Pike. Each year at graduation, I remind our students that there will never be another period in their lives when they grow as much as they have during their time at Pike. It is a privilege to have a front-row seat for that process, and I hope we can all find the time to enjoy and appreciate all this positive change.

The other area I want to address has to do with the pace of our lives.  As I hope you know, our new strategic plan puts a real emphasis on health and wellness.  We currently have a committee of faculty, staff, administration and parents hard at work determining exactly how we will better address the health and wellness of our community.  The Board of Trustees will be voting to add another value about health and wellness to the list of values that are tied to our mission statement as evidence of the importance of this topic to our community.  With that in mind, I encourage all of us to find ways to use summer as an opportunity to rest and recharge. We live in an era where life seems to be moving ever faster, and yet, I would argue that it is in our power to control our schedules more than they control us. Make time to read that book, sit under a shady tree and look up at the sky, visit friends and family, or carve out a day that has nothing on the schedule and make it up as you go. Some will say this type of planning is a luxury, but to me, it feels to be more important as each year goes by.

Thanks for another amazing year filled with positive energy here on Sunset Rock Road. Have a wonderful summer!

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on “Closing Out the 2017-2018 School Year
One Comment on “Closing Out the 2017-2018 School Year

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