Judging Our First Speech Tournament

Written by 2018-2019 Speech Team Captains, Ashley, Scarlett, Zach and Preston

On Sunday, October 28, we, the Speech Team Captains, and 21 speech novices participated in the Novice Tournament at Catholic Memorial Middle School in West Roxbury, MA.

Being Speech Team veterans, we judged the competition while the novices competed. For the novices, we knew the tournament would be very nerve-wracking. As for us, it brought on a sort of nostalgia. We remember when we were sixth-grade novices, just two years ago, standing in front of a room of strangers would make our knees weak.

As judges, we felt different. We were still shivering (probably from the cold), but we got to look at speech tournaments through an entirely new perspective.

Being a judge was difficult. Since there were so many great speeches, it was hard to decide which one to award first place. Now we understand a bit more about what’s going on behind the scenes when a judge has given us a score that seems unfair. There are often so many impressively good novices that it makes sense that some good speeches have to get bad scores.

Now we know a little bit more about what it’s like to be a judge and how the process goes. We’ll be able to use this experience when we’re competing now that we know what to do and what not to do.

In addition to eighth-grade judges, the novices played a huge role in the success of this tournament. Our one storytelling speaker swept her rounds and was the only storytelling speaker to win an award. All of the Pike novices did extremely well, and the great snacks made the tournament a definite success!

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on “Judging Our First Speech Tournament
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  1. What a great experience for you all! It is so true that when you zoom-out and look at any process through a wider lens, you see the challenges and the opportunities in new ways. Broader perspective leads to deeper understanding and learning. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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